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These webinars are intended to provide valuable information regarding the aquaculture industry, including economics, general practices, risk mitigation, and technological developments within the field. They come from a variety of reviewed sources and generally feature experts in the field. 

Recent Webinars

Seafood in the Diet: Consumption Patterns at Retail and Food Service
Dr. David Cline, Auburn University (8/29/20)

Past Webinars

Aquaculture Genetics: The Basics
Dr. Greg Lutz, Louisiana State University (5/15/20)

Aquaculture Farm Financial Management During the Pandemic
Carol R. Engle, Aquatic$, LLC (4/3/20)

Aquaculture Business Planning
Matt Parker, University of Maryland (7/18/18)

Fish Health: What you need to know as an Aquaculture Producer
Nick Phelps, University of Minnesota

Indoor Shrimp Aquaculture
Andrew Ray, Kentucky State University (7/18/18)