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Striped Bass (Wild, Domesticated, and Hybrid)

Hybrid Striped Bass on Ice

Hybrid Striped Bass on Ice

Striped Bass production in North Carolina is focused using the Hybrid Striped Bass, which is a cross between White Bass and Striped Bass (Morone chrysops x Morone saxatilis). Hybrid Stripped Bass are considered to be “non-naturally” accuring becuase the White Bass and Striped Bass do not hybradize naturally. When a female White Bass and a male Striped Bass are crossed, the offspring are refered to as reciprocal crosses hybrids or more commonly as Sunshine Bass. When a female Striped Bass and a male White Bass are crossed, the offspring are refered to as original crossed hybrids or Palmetto Bass. Hybrid Striped Bass are the forth most farmed fin fish in the US, behind only catfish, salmonids, and tilapia. In North Carolina this industry accounts for approximately 3,500,000 lbs annual production with a farm-gate value of nearly $14,000,000. Located in our coastal plane region, most production occurs in earthen ponds.

Hybrid Striped Bass Fingerlings

Hybrid Striped Bass Fingerlings

More recently, research at NCSU is showing improved production potential for domesticated Striped Bass, compared to the hybrid. Work in this area is ongoing with area producers conducting on-farm trials with much success.

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