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Aquaculture Technology

Technologies in Aquaculture

Various technologies have been or are in development to enhance productivity, safety, environmental and economic outcomes for aquaculture. Aquacultural Engineering focuses on developing these technologies. Extension focuses on appropriate emplacement and safe use of these technologies. Basic techniques like pond culture are still very effective for growing catfish and striped bass, for example, while Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS, see infographics) use filtration and disinfection technologies to clean the water and put it back into tanks or cages to grow fish in optimal conditions. These technologies can apply to finfish (RAS); shellfish (floating cage systems for oysters, image); algae(see publications); or other species. Critical focus is on energy conservation, efficient use of water and careful reuse of nutrients, to make aquaculture even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS):

Production Cycle of Talapia chart

RAS cycle chart

Additional RAS technical information:

Additional pond production technical information:

Other related information of interest:

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