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OfflineEventAttendanceMode 4 weeks away
Description: Due to the current scenario of COVID-19 involving travel bans, we are doing the Webinar on Aquaculture & Marine Biology scheduled during October 19, 2020 with main theme of Advancing towards an Environment-Resistant Aquaculture. 

The conference provides the global coliseum to international scholars and researchers to voice their research discoveries to the world. With representatives from all the real aquaculture nations in participation, the environment will be energizing with open and amicable communication between participants. This is a gathering, giving a chance to the aquaculture and sea life science industry to find out about flow and up and coming issues, investigate new improvements in culture innovation, and interact with others with similar interests. 

Aqua 2020 brings together a unique and international mix of experts like academicians, scientists, and business professionals, current and prospective fish farmers to share information and ideas about the development of aquaculture & marine biology.

To find out more about this webinar and how to register, visit Aqua 2020.
Oct 19 Mon